Polymer Records is famous for putting out some of the best heavy metal records of all time, specifically from U.K. artist Spinal Tap. They include The Gospel According To Spinal Tap, Shark Sandwich (a two-word review “shit sandwich”) as well as the all-time classic – their black album.

Audiophiles who love listening to vinyl who were forced to wait for the Black Album back in the early 1980s no longer have to wait to spin up classics like “Sex Farm” “Stonehenge” and “Gimme Some Money” on their audiophile rigs.

Long before Metallica borrowed the concept, Nigel questions “How much more black could it be? None, more black.” Truer words have never been said.

Now critics don’t always understand what audiophiles do. Here is what some of the reviewers back in the mid-1980s thought of the more popular Spinal Tap releases.